NAEM Women’s Leadership Roundtable 2019

Lead, Connect, Grow


Chart your path to leadership, develop your business acumen and find inspiration from your peers at NAEM's Women's Leadership Roundtable. This unique, two-day seminar was designed by a group of your peers to strengthen the attributes needed to be effective in making the business case for your programs and leading change from within.


Learning for Women EHS Leaders at All Career Stages

Achieve your career goals through sessions designed to:


  • Build your communication skills
  • Make the business case for your programs
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Polish your leadership brand
  • Define your value to your organization
  • Influence across silos and at different levels of your organization


Unique by Design

This conference is thoughtfully planned by a group of EHS and sustainability (EHS&S) women leaders to provide you with the skills development, mentorship and perspectives you need to build your career strategy.




Fawn Bergen, Global Sustainability Program Manager – Water Stewardship and Carbon Footprint; Intel Corp.

"I walk away from the Women’s Leadership Forum each year feeling inspired, empowered, supported and connected to an amazing group of leaders (who happen to be women)."


"This conference has been a touchstone for my own career growth, so I am thrilled that I can now provide the mentorship I've received to those women who are coming up in their careers."


-- Fawn Bergen, Global Sustainability Program Manager; Intel Corp.

2019 Women's Leadership Roundtable Committee Co-Chair



Drena Howard, Director, Global Retail Environmental Affairs & Safety; The Estée Lauder Co.'s Inc.

"What struck me about my first NAEM’s Women’s Leadership Roundtable was the feeling of immediate inclusion. No matter their level or expertise, it was just an opportunity for women to share their experiences. Since then, I have just kept coming back."


-- Drena Howard, Director, Global Retail Environmental Affairs & Safety; The Estée Lauder Co.'s Inc.

2019 Women's Leadership Roundtable Committee Co-Chair





Be Inspired


Because NAEM's programming is developed in partnership with leading EHS and sustainability professionals, the Women's Leadership Roundtable delivers peer-tested knowledge practitioners can put to use to immediately improve their EHS and sustainability programs. Hear what past attendees have had to say:


Lauren Blair

"While I have attended many NAEM events, the Women's Leadership Roundtable was the first time I had the opportunity to network and share experiences with so many of my women peers, especially in leadership positions. The program was diverse with useful information passed on from female leaders at non-profits, government agencies and multinational companies. However, what impacted me the most was the feeling of community you have when you get several women together sharing their passions, ideas, and mentorship. It was awe inspiring. I came home with a few new friends, several tools, and a whole lot of confidence."


Lauren Blair, EHS Professional IV; Caterpillar Inc.


Expand Your Network

Expand Your Network

Meet and network with women EHS&S professionals at all career stages. See all the reasons to attend.




Gain Leadership Insight

Gain Leadership Insight

Grow your leadership knowledge with two days of interactive sessions featuring high-level EHS&S leaders and management experts. View the agenda.



Make Your Plans

Support Women Leaders

The 2019 Women's Leadership Roundtable will be held at the DeSoto in Savannah, Georgia.
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